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About us

n operation since 1995 in France but relocated to Vietnam in 2002, Sadevina employs about 200 staff and has over 15 years of experience in the screw turned machine industry. SADEVINA in high-quality, high-precision parts for various industries such as aerospace, medical, and electronics and serves clients from the US, Switzerland, Singapore, France, and Germany.

Demanding clients from around the globe trust SADEVINA and repeatedly choose us for:
  • Thorough quality controls: we have a 100% quality check policy
  • Lower prices: for being in Vietnam within an advantageous industrial zone
  • Short Lead time, airfreight deliveries: 2-3 weeks 90 days Payment terms after delivery
  • Highly Innovative manufacturing approach: developed and encouraged through our employee empowerment
Our Capacity:
  • 110 innovated Beklers with auto loading bars
  • 4 Drilling/Threading machines
  • 5 grinding machines
  • 10 CNC for Lather
  • 10 CNC for milling
  • 4 CNC for turning

All machines were imported from Switzerland. They have been adapted and innovated to maximize efficiency and quality. We have 200 Machines and due to our large number of parts the total capacity changes from 200k pcs/day for Pins type of parts to 100k/day for sockets type of parts.

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